Sunday, August 7, 2011

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Oh well oh well, i think i really should start back my blogging biz. so that i can earn money via nuffnang, which i think i need a little more to withdraw the money out. :D I did withdrawed before last year, so i want to continue earn money by bloggging!! simple as ABC! :D

Last month was Mr. Bitchy Chrissy's birthday. He does not like to celebrate birthday, even when people wishes him, he wont reply!! super bad + no manners looor! hehe So this year, we asked him out by saying just normal hang out,saying that no one wants to celebrate with you. hurt no? lolz

with the bla bla bla and everything, in the end still he got got cha with our plans and stuff. We managed to let him cut cake! no blowing candles, because that cake shop do not have it. We even bought a pressie for him, but we told him we got in Petaling Street AAA Product!! HAHAHA

I love the cake! from Delectable. :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

M-I-A girl is BACK!

Suddenly feel blogging! hehe I seriously MIA for sooo looong! No one cares, i know! :D

I don't even remember I own a blog too! lolz

I dont know what to write, or should be too many things I wanted to write but limited time, cause I need to off to bed already. need to work tomorrow.

I enjoy my working life! :D

mie recent photo *wink*

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Maggie's Birthday Celebration @ Delicious

Last month, had Maggie's birthday celebration at Delicious @ OU. That time everyone were suffering for assignments and presentations. We headed to OU right after Marketing Research presentation, which most of us were didn't get into sleep the night before because of the presentation.

It was also last minute to decide where to eat. And most of the pics u will get to see our horrible+ugly dark circle and eyebag!!! rawwrrr

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Helloo 2011 Goodbye 2010

happiee new year everyone! Its another brand new year!! For me, new year still have to study, have to sit for exam, have to do assignments, have to live, have to earn money, have to eat, have to play, have to sleeeep, whateveeer!! It just a brand new year for everyone, but still have to repeat what we basically need to do last year. *maybe some are not. :)*

on the 31st, Babe Onn and I went to parkcity to have a look on the events and so on. At first i planned to bring Mocha along, lucky i didn't, cause "no pets allowed". sobs After pak tor sesssion, we went to my cousin's hse to have dinner. It is super near!! we can just walk back to parkcity right after our dinnner!! haha

This year the fireworks in parkcity was not really great. nothing special. dissapointed. anyway, its over. :D

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Meeerry Christmaaaaas Everyone!! :D
I miss blogging life!!! Since ever attended degree life, I'm no longer that active anymore!!sobsss

Consider having a short break now, cause I'm assignments FREEEEE!! hohoho But gotta prepare for exam next month. duuuuhhh~

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


This is mie diet plan!!

Skipped lunch + dinner just because of this CB ASS-signment!! Now i know why people say they prefer study life instead of working life, because they rather scratch head, bang head, rub eyes, poke eyes, sleepless night and bla bla bla just for assignments! This is soo "wonderful" no?

But it is true that study life is always better than working life. Because you don't even have excuses to say no to WORK like how u give excuses to urself or parents to skip classes. :D

Fyi, CB = Consumer Behaviour! not the CB that you people always say. :)

Friday, November 5, 2010


Here goes a random update of my life since I have neglected my blog for soo looong. lolz

Went for jap buffet @ Jogoya in a random weekend. Just so sudden of having such mood to go for buffet as at first we thought they were offering some promotions, but the promotion is on only Mon-Thurs! how fark! lolz

The only thing i like the most is FONDUE! ohh la la! Fondue lover here! :) Darling and I non-stop eating and everyone just looked at us as if like "we never eat fondue before". who cares? haha